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All you need to know about… Through Floor Lift Installtion

This week  “All You Need to Know About” is dedicated to Through Floor Lift Installation.

The Installation of either Wessex or Terry should not be attempted without specific Manufacturer Training. The below is a general guide and is not to be taken as an Install Manual

We will refer to a Terry Harmony as a default –  Once you have formed the Aperture and The Building Inspector has advised that he approves of the structural works, The Installation can proceed.  The Lift consists of a liner for the aperture, guides, ram and Lift Car including a top trap door, under pan and a door. Firstly, fit the pump box on the Outside of The External Wall in a position that corresponds to the Lift position. The Pump Position must not exceed 8 meters away from the Lift. Drill a 45 mm diameter hole in the External Wall from inside to out and use a small length of domestic waste pipe 30 mm internal diameter as a protective sleeve for the cables and hydraulic hose. Then,  install the two sections of liner, upper and lower. These should be level and square. The lower section guides are then installed and joined together after the installation of the trap door ( a bit later on), to reach from the ground floor to the first floor ceiling. There are two and they should be perfectly upright and square. The joints should be perfect. The guide set up is crucial to the installation and also has an impact on the wear rate of the lift. The guide rollers on the sling (the part that will go up and down)  will wear prematurely if the joints of the guides are not perfectly matched. The door of the lift will be problematic at the first floor if the guides are not installed correctly, upright and square. Install the Hydraulic Ram and connect The Hose. The sling is then built and connected to the ram. Ensure that the hose is protected against dirt and that prior to connection, no dirt or foreign matter is allowed to enter the hydraulic system as this will cause internal Ram failure. If the Lift is Wessex the lift frame is pre built and can be fitted on top of the Ram. The Lift car can now be built, the components of both Wessex and Terry come pre built and pre-wired and are basically plug and play. The door on the Terry machine requires complex set up and the Installation Manual should be followed to the letter. After the connection of all wiring and the completion of static set up, it is time to run the pump and bleed the ram. On the Terry Lift, follow the bleed procedure, insert the bleed peg and connect the bleed valve and pipes and run the pump with one bleed nipple open and the tube into a clear bottle (with some clean fluid in) the ram will lift the Lift Car and stop against the bleed peg forcing fluid out into the bottle, at the same time expelling air with it. Set up the top trap switches and check the operation of all safety devices, all top safe edges, under pan safety switches in both directions and door interlock switches. Refer to the Install Manual for full Set Up procedure. The lift should be weight tested at its rated weight plus 10% and the pressure relief valve adjusted as required. The journey time should also be noted.

As part of the Hand Over and Demonstration describe all safety features of the lift, the emergency procedure and the location of the Dump Valve and when to utilise it and cautions associated with its use.


Terry Lifts – www.terrylifts.net

Wessex Lifts – www.wessexmedical.co.uk